Men's Club Rules and Policies


  1. Divisional games will be played in the Fall season with the schedule provided by the EPRU.
  2. The top team(s) will represent the EPRU in any further competitions to determine a territorial/regional champion. All teams must be Full Members, current with all financial obligations and in good standing with both the EPRU and the Referees Society to take part in any competition. All teams in divisional play must be fully enrolled in USA Rugby's Club & Individual Participant Program (CIPP) as per the EPRU CIPP Policy. Teams who are not fully enrolled in the current CIPP Program will not have their divisional play matches count in the standings and may be dropped from the divisional play schedule. Enrollment of the club and its players in the previous year's CIPP Program does not fulfill the requirements. (see CIPP Policy for further details)
  3. Players must have medical insurance in order to participate in any rugby activity. Players should supply copies of their medical cards to their club as proof of coverage. All clubs must also be in compliance with the EPRU Player Transfer Policy and USA Eligibility Requirements.
  4. Match Requirements
    A. " A " side matches are mandatory - Full 80 minutes ( 40 min halves) No OT is used - Games finish as ties.
    B." B " side matches are NOT mandatory but are highly recommended
    C. The maximum point differential allowed in league play is 60 points. Therefore, a 80-10 win is 70 pt diff. --it will only count as a 70-10 win (60 pt diff)
    D. The match must be reported to the Divisional Play Chairman no later than 5 pm the following Monday This can be done via email to Chair or online with the match report form on the EPRU web site.
    E. Forfeits will count in standings as a 60-0 with four (4) tries awarded. Fines will apply - see policy below.
  5. Tie Breaking Procedure in Final Standings:
    1. Total point differential (points for minus points against)
    2. Number of tries scored
  6. Field Requirements
    1. Field must be AT LEAST 65 yards X 100 yards - try line to try line - 110 yards overall - minimum 5 yard in-goal area
    2. Field must be properly lined and goal posts padded as set forth by the Referees Society.
    3. Spectator Ropes must be erected goal line to goal line on AT LEAST ONE SIDE of field. Only touch judges and trainer will be permitted inside rope.
    4. If extenuating circumstances prevent a club from playing on a field with required minimum dimensions (see a), the club MUST SUBMIT IN WRITING to the EPRU Divisional Play Chairman the exact dimensions of the field to be used and an explanation of the circumstances preventing the use of a larger field. The Chairman will review the situation and make a recommendation to the EPRU Executive Committee. If the situation warrants, the club may be dropped from divisional play. This letter must be submitted no later than September 1st.
    5. Unless a waiver is granted by the EPRU DivisionalChairman, failure to comply with the Field Requirements are grounds for protest and may result in forfeit by the offending team (see Protest Procedure).
  7. Kit Requirements (see "Kit Requirements")
    Below is only a brief outline.
    1. All players must play in matching jerseys, shorts and socks whose colors AND style have been registered with the EPRU. Jerseys must be clean, free from holes and tears.
    2. Jerseys may be short-sleeved but must not be "cut offs" or sleeveless. Short-sleeved, hemmed jerseys must cover the bicep.
    3. Shorts must be clean and free from holes and tears. Boxer shorts/underwear CANNOT show below rugby shorts (no bike shorts). Socks must be clean and free from holes and tears.
    4. Numbers on jerseys (for the correct positions) are mandatory for all teams.
    5. In the event of a lack of contract in jersey colors, the home team is responsible for providing alternate kit to the satisfaction of the referee.
    6. Failure to comply with the Kit Requirements is grounds for protest and may result in forfeit by the offending team (see Protest Procedure).
  8. Rostered Players
    Forfeit proceedings will be brought against any club that willfully substitutes players who are not official members of their club. Repeated disregard of this rule will result in that club being dropped from divisional play. The EPRU Divisional Play Chairman may request team rosters at any time.
  9. Minimum Number of Players
    A club must field a minimum of 12 players from their own roster for a division match to count in the standings.
  10. Protest Procedure
    1. The Team Captain must advise the referee BEFORE KICKOFF that his team wishes to register a protest and give the reason. The referee must notify the opposing Team Captain that a protest has been lodged and for what reason.
    2. The referee should give the offending team a reasonable amount of time to correct the circumstances of the protest.
    3. If the circumstances are not corrected, the referee and protesting team MUST notify the EPRU Executive Committee (through the EPRU Divisional Play Chairman), in writing, within 72 hours of the circumstances of the protest. The protest will be reviewed and the teams involved will be notified of the Committee's decision.
  11. Failure to Play Match
    1. If a club fails to keep a division fixture for any reason, the club will be required to post a $500 bond or cash within thirty (30) days of the report of the offense, to be held by the EPRU for one year. If, within that year, there is a second offense, the money will be forfeited to the EPRU. The EPRU will disperse monies as appropriate. Otherwise, the EPRU will return $400; $100 will be kept by the EPRU.
    2. The club will not be permitted to participate in divisional play unless the bond is paid before next year's schedule is prepared.
  12. Match Dates
    1. Matches must be played on the dates set by the EPRU. If there are extenuating circumstances which preclude either team from playing on that set date, then a mutually agreeable alternate date AND reason for the change shall be submitted, IN WRITING to EPRU Division III Chairman for consideration.
  13. Match Locations
    1. Locations of Division matches are assigned by the EPRU Divisional Play Chairman
    2. The EPRU recommends that you alternate home and away from wherever you played your opponent last. If no agreement can be reached, the EPRU Divisional Play Chairman will render a decision.
  14. Referees
    1. If no referee has been assigned by the Referees Society, then the home team must supply a qualified referee that meets the approval of the visiting team. Union referees and referees who have attended the Union referee clinic are automatically approved.
    2. If the home team cannot supply a referee, the visiting team may provide one by prior agreement of both teams.
    3. If the assigned referee does not show, or the teams cannot agree on a replacement referee, then the match is to be rescheduled and played before the start of playoffs. Home teams must notify the EPRU Divisional Play Chairman within 24 hours of the originally scheduled match date.
  15. Determination of "Bye" Weekend
    1. All clubs MUST submit a written request to the EPRU Divisional Play Chairman no later than August 1st, identifying which date, if any, they want a "Bye".
    2. Requests received after August 1st will be honored only at the discretion of the EPRU Divisional Play Chairman.
    3. If no date is submitted, than a date will be assigned. There is no appeal of the assigned date.
    4. Requests are to be submitted annually.
  16. Promotion/Relegation to Div II per MARFU Club Divisional Rules and Regulations
    1. The EPRU Division III Champion may challenge the last place EPRU Div 2 North team.
    2. [Effective January 1, 1999] Promotion/relegation matches are to be played no later than first Saturday of April of following year at Div 2 teams site. 80 minute match - ties to div 2.
    3. [Effective November 16, 1997] A team desiring to challenge a team for promotion/relegation must declare their intention no later than 5 pm, 2 days after the end of their league play or the end of league play of the challenged team, whichever is later (typically, this will be Monday afternoon). If a decision is not made by the end of that, no promotion/relegation match will occurs.
  17. MARFU Division III Championship per the 1999 MARFU Club Divisional Play Rules & Regulations
    1. The top two teams in each LAU will be seeded by MARFU Mens 15s Club/Competitions Committee into a 8 team event. No LAU will get more than 3 teams in event. The assignment of the last two clubs #3 LAU seeds will be determined by the above mentioned committee.
    2. There will be a quarterfinal round on one weekend in April and a final four on another weekend in April.
    3. No entry fee.
    4. The location of the event must be bid through the MARFU Event Bidding Process and approved by the MARFU Board of Directors.
  18. Submittal of Complete Fall Schedule
    1. Your complete schedule, denoting home and away sites, number of matches for ALL (division and non-division matches) to be played in the Fall must be sent to the EPRU Division III Chairman (with a copy to East Penn Rugby Referees Society Assignment Secretary)
    2. Please include all pertinent information, such as name, address, and phone numbers for Match Secretary (and the person submitting the schedule if other than Match Secretary). Include clearly written directions and a map to your home field with your schedule. Once the schedule is submitted by the deadline – changes or updates are to be emailed or phoned in as soon as they are known.
      All information must be sent to:
      EPRU Divisional PlayChairman

      A copy of the above and updates are to be similarly sent to the East Penn Rugby Referees Society Assignment Secretary.


  19. The EPRU Divisional Play Chairman, in agreement with the EPRU Executive Committee, reserves the right to add new teams and to adjust the divisions as it becomes necessary.